Canan Beykal has received her graduate and PhD degrees from IDGSA (Istanbul State University of Fine Arts) in 1972 and 1977 respectively.

She went on to work with Mario Merz at the Salzburg Summer Academy “Experimental Art Workshop” with an Australian Scholarship in 1981.

The artist is currently a lecturer at the graduate and PhD curricula of Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Yeditepe University’s undergraduate curricula.

Her most recent personal exhibitions: 

Istanbul Ataturk Center of Culture, 1997, “Once Upon a Little Lion/Bir Küçük Aslancık Varmış” and Kare Art Gallery, 1995, “Tell Me Where You Came From/Bana Geldiğin Yeri Anlat” 

Her most recent domestic and international group exhibitions:      

2010 VIII.International Festival of Experimental Art ,Saint-Petersburg, Russia (As Taf); 2011 ‘Kadın Bakışı/Woman’s Point of View’ Galeri 44A, 2011 ‘Kavramsal Bir Miras/A Conceptual Heritage’ Artam Galeri and 2011 ‘Hayal ve Hakikat/Dream and Reality’ Istanbul Modern.

"Transformer" 1993, 2 metal boxes, felting, otter and light

Artist's Exhibitions