Are You Alive?

(08.12.2011 - 15.01.2012)

Asfalt Art Gallery was founded in order to contribute to an art environment in which artists can produce works freely and to be an alternative space for the ideas and discourses generated as a result as well as creating new endeavors of thought with artists who can think and question.

The first exhibition puts forth a question that gets us thinking: “Are You Alive?”

This question is based on the idea that living is done by people who can make decisions regarding their lives. However, in our day, people lead their lives with purely automatic reactions like zombies, without displaying any real signs of life.

At this point, we decided to see how far we could go regarding our current existential questions and question the new existence.

We decided to see what would be our reaction in case the daily life steps outside the boundaries of reality and the adjectives defining human beings are removed.

Works in the exhibition